/ Equity and Compliance

LGBTQ+ Resources

快猫短视频 is an ecumenical Christian community where we care for every student. Committed to our Christian aspirations to be faithful, welcoming and transformational, we work to foster an environment where every person finds a sense of belonging, including LGBTQ+ individuals on campus.

Name Change Request

A preferred name may be used by a student who prefers to use a name other than their legal name throughout their time at 快猫短视频. If you need to submit a preferred name change request, you should complete the .

Your preferred name will be used in Moodle and on class rosters and can also be used on your ID card and your email address. 快猫短视频 is not permitted to use a preferred name on legal documentation, including financial aid records, institutional research documentation, FOIA responses, diplomas and transcripts. If you have any questions about the Preferred First Name Change Request form, please contact Taylor Sinclair at 616.395.6816.

Gender Neutral/Single-User Restrooms
  • Anderson-Werkman Center
    First floor: Two single-stall restrooms (in carpeted hallway toward bank)

  • Bekkering Admissions Office
    Four single-stall restrooms (0ne in basement, two on main floor, one on second floor)

  • De Pree Art Center 
    Main floor: Three single-stall restrooms (across from room 146)

  • Dimnent Memorial Chapel
    Single-stall ADA restroom (basement)

  • Haworth Hotel

  • Jack H. Miller Center for Musical Arts
    First-floor "Family Restroom" single-stall ADA restroom

  • Jim and Martie Bultman Student Center
    Ground floor (room 022) 鈥 single-stall ADA bathroom (with shower)

  • Keppel House
    First floor 
    Second floor (includes a shower, but there is no elevator available to second floor)

  • Physical Plant

  • Transportation Garage

  • Van Andel Huys der Hope
    Second floor: Single-stall ADA restroom

Residential Halls: Access to Hall Required, but not into Residential Space

  • Cook Hall
    Main floor: Single-stall ADA guest restroom near the laundry room 

  • Dykstra 
    Main floor: Two single-stall restrooms, off lobby

  • Gilmore
    Main floor: Off the lobby before entering the residents' hallway
Students who identify as transgender and have questions or concerns about their housing options should contact Associate Dean for Residential Life and Education Kristyn Bochniak at 616.395.7800 or bochniak@hope.edu.
Student Organizations/Involvement

Both the Office of Student Life and Center for Diversity and Inclusion list numerous opportunities for students to engage on the 快猫短视频 campus. Students who are looking for spaces created specifically with LGBTQ+ students in mind might want to explore the following options:

Prism (Student Organization)

The mission of Prism is to provide an open space for any LBGTQ+ persons and allies to develop community and promote inclusion at 快猫短视频. This organization strives to give the Hope community a place to learn, support and advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ students. Prism does not require LGBTQ+ people to out themselves to the group or to their peers.


Globe (peer support group)

GLOBE is a peer-led on-campus support group for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) students. GLOBE is designed for the LGBTQ+ students at Hope, and we gladly welcome new members! To see how you can get involved, please send an email to globe@hope.edu.

On-Campus Resources
Off-Campus Resources
  • (Out on the Lakeshore has a list of on their webpage.)