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Welcome to the home of all Hope-related camps, where we鈥檙e sure to have something for everybody, no matter what your interests are! 

  • A camp counselor helps three young boys with an arts and crafts project involving a cardboard cutout of a bear. The boys are focused on the project while seated at a table in a classroom setting. Other children and a counselor are visible in the background.Explore Hope
  • A group of young athletes wearing various colored helmets and uniforms gather around a coach on a sunny day at a baseball or softball field. The coach is speaking to the group, and the background shows a grassy field and an orange fence.Softball Camp
  • Two boys on a grassy field, with one in a white shirt and blue shorts kicking a football while the other in a blue shirt and black shorts watches and smiles.Football Camp
  • A large gymnasium filled with young athletes participating in a volleyball camp, practicing drills and skills on multiple courts.Volleyball Day Camp
  • Students wearing headphones and playing keyboards in a music class at a 快猫短视频 camp.Awakening
  • A young lacrosse goalie in protective gear stands ready in front of the goal during a camp at 快猫短视频. Other campers are visible in the background, practicing on a grassy field with trees and parked cars nearby.Lacrosse Camp
  • Young girls playing soccer during a 快猫短视频 camp on an outdoor field, with some wearing neon-colored athletic gear and others in pinnies.Soccer Camp
  • A large group of children wearing bright orange Hope Basketball Camp t-shirts sit and stand together outside, raising their hands and smiling for the camera. They are gathered on a sidewalk with a grassy area and brick wall in the background.Basketball Camp
  • A young boy in a teal shirt and white shorts prepares to swing a tennis racket on a tennis court, with a large "HOPE TENNIS" sign in the background.快猫短视频 Tennis Academy

Academic Camps

ExploreHope Summer Camps

Join ExploreHope鈥檚 engaging camps and activities! Summer camps, scout badge days, middle school girls day and teacher professional experiences let kids explore, learn and grow. There鈥檚 something for everyone!

Worship Arts


Hope Repertory Theatre

Part of the Hope Rep鈥檚 mission is to provide educational opportunities for the youth in our community. Check out the different theatre classes, camps and workshops available!


Tap Labs

Tap Labs are a place for focused, independent learning in a supportive community environment. The classes are kept small to encourage one-on-one communication between musicians and dancers and to nurture an understanding of the collaborative nature of music and dance. Visit the for dates and times.

Sports Camps


June 10鈥11, 2024
10 a.m鈥2:45 p.m.

Hope Baseball Tournament

June 20鈥24, 2024


2024 dates TBA 

Men鈥檚 Basketball

men's basketball TEAM camp

  • Session 1 鈥 June 12鈥15, 2024
  • Session 2 鈥 June 13鈥15, 2024 

For availability, email Chad Carlson at chad.carlson11@gmail.com

June 17鈥20, 2024

August 2, 2024

Women鈥檚 Basketball



Men鈥檚 Lacrosse

August 13, 2024

Women鈥檚 Lacrosse

September 21, 2024

Men鈥檚 Soccer

men's soccer prospect camp 

2024 dates TBA 

boys' soccer residential camp 

2024 dates TBA 

Women鈥檚 Soccer


Women's soccer Prospect Camp

Soccer Day Camp

Hope Soccer Day Camp


youth one day sessions CAMP (4 options)

prospect Camp


Hope Tennis prospect Camp

2024 dates TBA


volleyball prospect camp

high school individiual camp

middle school camp

volleyball team camp

July 24鈥26, 2024