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Rhodes & Marshall Scholarships

Dr. Janis Gibbs (history) and Dr. Stephen Maiullo (classics) provide advising and mentoring of students who are interested in competing for the prestigious Rhodes and Marshall scholarships, which provide for two鈥搕hree years of graduate study in the United Kingdom. Our web-based information is located here for ease of access. Please refer to the five steps listed below. Don't wait. Start researching now!

Please visit the  and  official sites (see especially the Marshall and  pages). Updated application information is not available until May or June of the year that you apply. You apply in the fall of your senior year for placement the following year.

  • Example: You begin developing your personal statement and eliciting your eight references in March/April for submission that same fall. Placement is for the following academic year.

Although these scholarships are primarily for juniors and above, underclassmen can begin thinking about the application process well in advance by reviewing the links below.

If you are a junior (or a senior who is waiting one year before starting graduate school) and have decided to pursue these scholarships, here are the steps to follow whether you are on-campus or studying abroad:

  1. Email maiullo@hope.edu and gibbs@hope.edu to officially inform us that you will be participating in the Rhodes and Marshall application process.
  2. An initial draft of your personal statement is due in our office sometime in March of the year you plan to apply (via hard copy or e-mail).
  3. Several appointments will follow with Dr. Maiullo over the next several months to review drafts of your statement. If you are studying abroad, your contact will be via e-mail. A one-on-one can be scheduled as soon as you are available, preferably by early summer.
  4. Begin making a list of eight to 1o individuals, normally Hope faculty, who you think could write a very strong letter of recommendation on your behalf. We will need these names, along with complete contact information for off-campus persons (including email), by late April.
  5. Once you have at least eight confirmed recommendations, please complete this Google form to enter your information via this link: .
  6. The actual application will be submitted on-line in September of your senior year.

If you are not yet a junior and are interested in applying in the next one鈥搕wo years, please use this link to complete this form: 

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